Prague Part 1

At the end of March we spent three and a half days in Prague. I’ve been in Prague briefly in 2007, but was only for a few hours as we were heading to Brno. I remembered that Prague is mostly old town and a quite small place. This time that we had more time, I noticed that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Prague is a big city with so much more than just the old town.

I arrived on Wednesday early afternoon and I worked from the airport for a few hours while waiting for my boyfriend’s flight to arrive around seven. I have booked transfer with our hotel as apparently Prague is one of those places where you need to be careful not get fooled by the taxi drivers and I’m never in the mood trying to find the driver who would cheat you the least. The transfer cost 650,- CZK or 27,- EUR, which I think is a few euros more expensive than what a taxi is supposed to cost.

We drove for about half an hour until our hotel. I booked Hotel Pod Věží, which was a nice hotel right next to the Charles Bridge. I thought the location was quite good although most of the things we did were located on the other side of the bridge, but the important thing was that it was quiet during the night. 😉

1_Prague castle
Prague Castle
4_Charles bridge
Charles Bridge

The first night all we managed was to check in and go get something to eat. We chose Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro, which was supposed to have the best burgers in Prague, but to be hones, we were disappointed. The burgers were okay, but not nearly warm enough were also lacking when it comes to taste. I would rate these burgers as average at best.

5_Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro
Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro

The breakfast was included in the hotel price, so we decided to try it out. Sometimes hotel breakfasts are so bad that I would rather pay money and eat elsewhere than at the hotel, but the breakfast was really good.

8_Breakfast at Hotel Pod Věží
Breakfast at Hotel Hotel Pod Věží

After breakfast we headed out to do some sightseeing. We started with a short walk to the Lennon Wall, which was surrounded by tourists, but it was actually tiny. It’s pretty much what you see on the picture. There was also a guy playing guitar.

11_Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall

Then we walked to the other side of the Charles Bridge and walked in Prague old town. I imagine every tourist does pretty much the same walk, which is fine because Prague’s old town is gorgeous!

18_Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
16_Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
23_Astronomical Clock
Prague Old Town – Astronomical Clock
Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town

After walking quite a bit, we ended up in the newer part of town. There we spotted Craft House Prague, which sold local craft beers, so we stopped there for a couple of pints before heading out for dinner.

42_Craft House Prague
Craft House Prague

We have booked a table at a small restaurant called Wine O’Clock based on the gushing reviews on Tripadvisor. They had a lot of Czech and European wines, but for some reason they were very reluctant to recommend us anything. What they recommended was what they had the most bottles of and I was somewhat disappointed. We chose the food which was served in small tapas-like portions. It ranged from very good to very average, but more to the nothing special side. We did even choose to have our dessert somewhere else as we only loved burrata and everything else was merely just okay.

44_Wine O'clock
Wine O’Clock

On our way back we decided to try this thing called trdelník or trdlo. For some reason I imagined that it would be warm and soft, but the dough was actually cold and hard. I had one with vanilla ice cream and my boyfriend had one with white chocolate and I must tell that vanilla ice cream made it much better. But I’m happy we tried one as they sell them everywhere and they smell delicious.


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